From the order-to-cash experts is a solution innovated and offered by Emagia Corporation with a mission to transform the way trade credit applications are handled in the digital age. Our goal is to make credit application process easy, fast and convenient using digital and cloud technologies.

From the order-to-cash experts emagia-logoEmagia corporation is a leading provider of enterprise order-to-cash management (OTC) solutions. For over a decade, Emagia has been delivering highly innovative technology solutions to transform, automate and optimize receivables, credit and collections processes for maximizing cash flow. Emagia Receivables Management Suite includes credit management, collections management, deductions management and customer financials portal. Emagia Order-to-Cash Analytics solutions provide enterprise-class pre-packaged business intelligence reporting and analytics for managing the order-to-cash cycle. Emagia has served as the primary technology platform for many credit and collections departments as well as for F&A shared service centers. Many companies across the world achieved significant and sustainable improvements to their DSOs, credit risk, cash flow and profitability with Emagia solutions.

It’s time for your credit department to join the digital revolution

In today’s fast paced business world our customers expect rapid responses and taking too much time to make our decisions can cost us sales. Complex and frustrating forms can create a negative customer experience. allows you as the seller to remove the obstacles that slow the onboarding of customers and impede revenue growth. You can take your credit applications online in minutes and improve trade credit processing rapidly.

It’s time for your credit department to join the digital revolution about the credit provides you with the ability to automate and accelerate your credit management process. Our online credit applications allow you to create a customized credit application form complete with your company’s logo. All you do is send a link to your customer or prospect and they can fill out the form straight from the web. Once the form is completed it gets passed back to a designee at your company via email. Each application comes with its own unique identifying number. There is no longer any paperwork to manage and sales can spend their time selling.