Your Sales Reps Will Love This

Say goodbye to lengthy credit application process and the frustration for sales reps. Bring your customers onboard rapidly and help your sales team close deals faster. Shorten your business cycles.

Your Customers Will Love This

Customers can now apply for credit or credit line increases from anywhere. No more paperwork, faxes or emails going back and forth to your credit department just to apply for credit. Now it is easy, fast and convenient for your customers.

Your sales reps will love this
Your credit reps will love this

Your Credit Reps Will Love This

Free up your credit reps from dealing with incomplete credit applications. Stop wasting time on managing paper and needless data entry onto spreadsheets. Spend your valuable time evaluating the credit worthiness of your customer and help grow your business.

Your CFO Will Love This

No more angry calls from sales about the credit department slowing down business. Handle more credit decisions with lower costs and improved efficiency. Manage risk and compliance while aligning credit operations with the strategic goals of your company.

The world will love this

Go paper-less. Save trees. Save the planet.

Streamlined credit management