Secure digital credit application platform

We connect suppliers and buyers on a secure, reliable and fast digital credit application platform. We transform the way applying and granting trade credit is done so business cycles are shortened.
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Easy to use credit application forms builder

You can now set up online credit application forms for your business in minutes. No need to take lengthy cycles from your IT department to create online forms. Our click-n-create forms builder will help you build customized forms easily.

credit application form builder
credit applications submissions

Friendly credit applications submissions manager

Your buyers can be invited to fill online your credit application form. Self-service forms help them to complete the form and submit with proper documentation. Every credit application is submitted with an electronic signature and is given a Case Number for future reference.
Emagia’s digital credit cloud, transforms the enterprise business credit decisions to instant, real-time and in digital speeds with the following functionality:

Organized credit workbench

You can start receiving all credit applications in your email as well as your online credit workbench. Keep track of your credit applications easily. You can export into excel or directly into your ERP systems.

organized credit workbench
streamlined credit management

Streamlined credit management

Our powerful credit management automation system can streamline your entire credit scoring, decision management, workflow-based approval management and credit limits granting. Integrations with third party credit bureau reports and external sources, such as yahoo finance are available for your convenience. Set up alerts for credit limits renewals, credit holds and credit releases to streamline your order-to-cash processes.

Business intelligence reports and analytics

Gain valuable insights about your credit requests and credit decisions. Understand the impact on your portfolio risk using our visual analytics and reports. Manage with confidence and guide sales for better business.

Business Intelligence Reports